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We All Need Local Power

There are different ways a potential client can find your business. They can ask a neighbor or coworker for a reference. They can see you in local ads, if you place them. They can see you pop up on pay-per-click ads when they’re researching a procedure your business specializes in and paid to advertise with …

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Making Sense of Some Google Local Search Symbols

When you’re searching for something that Google assumes is of local interest versus general information, it returns local results. When you type in “Dental Implants,” for instance, you’ll see what is called the Map Pack of local dentists near you offering to replace a tooth with a dental implant. It’s assumed you want options for …

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Help with Yelp

When you’re looking for a new Italian restaurant to check out in your town, or when you’re in a new city, you probably go to Yelp. Founded in San Francisco in 2004, Yelp has become the dominant site/guide for finding local businesses. And, unlike the Yellow Pages of yore, Yelp doesn’t simply provide the static …

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