We hold a monthly webinar to help our clients' businesses see more success. We cover it all -- from the latest trends to online marketing and being compliant with online laws.

Create the Ultimate Digital Presence for your Med Spa

Your med spa needs to create a growth-oriented digital strategy – here’s how to build it.

The Pyramid of Success: Your 6-Stage Plan for Growth through Digital Marketing

Marketing isn’t guesswork: it’s a science. We’ve boiled it down to the basics.

Take the Stress Out of Social Media

Stop stressing about what to post on social media. Here’s how to plan ahead.

Grow Your Business Revenue

Knowing how to keep your business growing is an invaluable skill, especially in uncertain times. Here are strategies you can...

How Customer Lifetime Value Impacts Your Business

Determining your business’s customer lifetime value is crucial to its growth. Here’s how to do it.

How Much is My Practice Worth?

Need to assess the value of your practice? Jay and Mara Shorr of Shorr Solutions show you how.

How to Maximize Your Website for Maximum Conversions

Your website is your most powerful marketing resource. Here’s how to make yours more effective at converting visitors to clients.

Managing Patient Flow and Your Ophthalmology Practice during COVID-19

COVID continues to impact ophthalmology practices. Here’s how to manage patient flow amid changing rules and regulations.

Practice Rebound Enhancement Plan

How do you bring your dental practice back from a big event (say, a pandemic)? JoAnne Tanner gives us 10...

COVID Comeback Plan: How to Re-Open Your Practice Responsibly and Profitably

As mandates and rules change, what’s the most responsible and profitable way to reopen your practice?

Cataract Evaluation Comeback Plan

As mandates and rules change, what’s the safest and most profitable way to reopen your cataract evaluation practice?

1 Hour Annual Marketing Plan for Plastic Surgeons and Medical Spas

A marketing plan in 1 hour? It can be done!

Proven Consultation Strategy For a $4.5MM+ Practice

Here’s what you need to know to create a solid consultation strategy for your established practice.

COVID Comeback Plan – Time to Thrive

Regardless of what stage of reopening you’re at, there are things you can do to make your reopening safer and...

How to Convert More Consultations in 2020

Converting consultations to patients means more revenue for your practice. Here’s how to do it.

Demystifying Google Search for Healthcare

Struggling to understand Google search for your healthcare practice? This webinar can help.

Increase Conversions & Cross Selling Through Great Photos

Don’t overlook the potential for photos in your marketing efforts.

How To Get More Patients Using Video

Video has the potential for huge impacts on your marketing. Here’s how to utilize it.

Maintaining HIPAA-Compliance in 2019

What’s changed with HIPAA-compliance in 2019?

Keeping Your Cool: Dealing With a Difficult Client or Patient

Dealing with difficult clients can be a challenge. Here’s how to keep your cool.

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