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Where Are Potential Patients Checking Out Your Site?

When the number of searches conducted on mobile devices surpassed those done on desktop in 2015, there was talk of people ditching their desktop computers and everyone working from their phones and maybe a tablet here and there. Laptops would be important, as offices would transform into floating spaces without permanence. The whole idea of …

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How’s Your Website Designed?

At MyAdvice we’re often approached by prospective clients who find their website isn’t ranking in search. They’ve tried using every conceivable keyword, even if they don’t really match their practice’s offerings. They’ve plopped keywords throughout copy in an obvious ploy to use keywords, rather than to provide interesting, helpful content. And then they tell us …

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Links to Your Practice Website

There are countless components to the algorithms used by Google and Bing for organic search and how they affect the ranking of your practice website. That seems pretty obvious considering Google’s search algorithm has over two billion lines of code. We’ve talked about various important items, such as blogs (in this month’s first post), robust …

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