The 2024 Healthcare Marketing Trends Guide

How do healthcare practices set goals and track their progress towards them?

The 2024 Dental Patient Survey Report

How are dental patients utilizing the Internet to find and select dentists? We polled 450 people to find out.

Why Isn’t My Site Ranking?

Are you doing all the right things to help your site rank higher for the important keywords your prospects are...

Marketing to Gen X: 5 Stats You Need to Know

Are you looking to reach Generation X with your marketing? You need this guide, with 5 essential statistics to help...

2023 Healthcare Consumer Survey Report

How are people using digital marketing to research and choose their healthcare providers? We surveyed 500 people, and compiled the...

The State of Local Healthcare Search in 2023

How is the healthcare industry implementing and tracking local SEO strategies? We asked, they answered.

2023 Healthcare Marketing Trends Report

We polled over 200 healthcare practices to see how they plan to approach marketing in 2023, and how they performed...

6 Things Medical Professionals Should Do (And 3 To Avoid) On Social Media

When done well, social media platforms have tremendous potential to help you connect with patients new and old alike.

Marketing to Millennials – 5 Stats You Need to Know

Millennials are a highly sought after yet highly misunderstood generation. Here’s what makes marketing to reach this generation work.

Recession Proof Your Business (With the COIN Method)

Marketing is often the first budget businesses look to scale back – resulting in slower business right when they need...

Why SEO Takes Time

Search engine optimization is often referred to as a long game…but why does it take a while to see success...

4 Pre-Launch Marketing Strategies (and When You Should Implement Them)

The 90 days before you launch your business are crucial to building an audience. Here’s how to avoid crickets post-launch.

How To Make Your Local Listings Generate More Revenue

Dialing in your local SEO can have big impacts on your business. Here’s how.

The Two-Year Journey to Your Website’s Summit

Which metrics should you monitor on your website? How do you know when it’s time for updates or a redesign?...

Your Review Platform Isn’t Working

How to use the REVIEW method to measure the performance of your review platform.

What to Do When You Get a Negative Review

Negative reviews aren’t fun, but handled correctly, they can actually be a good thing. Here’s what you need to know.

Proven Social Media Strategies for Your Practice

Everything you need to know to harness the power of social media to help grow your business.

Why Beautiful Websites Can Get Ugly Results

Is your beautiful website not getting the results you wanted? It happens, but it doesn’t have to.

Pyramid of Success Guide

Digital marketing isn’t guesswork – it’s a science. The Pyramid of Success is your blueprint.

Digital Marketing 201: Paid Search

Paid search, or PPC, can help you attract more specific clients when done correctly. Here’s how it works.

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