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5 Secrets to Good Dental Website Design (And 3 Examples)

You might think a pretty website is good enough - but is it? What makes a dental website good? Here are 5 secrets to good dental website design.

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5 Secrets to Good Dental Website Design

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It’s easy to navigate.

94% of people say easy navigation is the most important feature a website can have. (, 2021)

Nobody wants to waste their time trying to find what they’re looking for when they come to your website. While you might think your website design is easy to navigate, it’s easy to have blinders on when it comes to your own site. After all, you were probably involved in building it, and you probably use it frequently, if not every day, so you likely know where everything is. Someone just visiting it for the first time, however, likely doesn’t have the same knowledge. It’s easy for information to become overwhelming on a website, so good user experience is crucial. Navigation bars, search bars, good information layout, and easy to find contact information are all elements that help make this possible.

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It has well-written, relevant content.

Getting prospective patients to come to your site is a lot of work. What’s the point if they just leave? People are coming to your website with a specific intent. Maybe they’re looking for information about a dental procedure, or they’re looking for a new dentist in their area. If they aren’t finding what they’re looking for – or worse – they’re finding themselves bored with your content – they’re going to leave. It's worth it to spend the time to get this right.

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It works on every browser and every device

42% of people will leave a website because of poor functionality. (TopDesignFirms, 2021)

The hallmarks of good design? Responsive design. While design is traditionally thought of as the colors and fonts used on a website, it goes beyond that when it comes to website design. Responsive design is the practice of making sure that your site displays correctly on every combination of device and browser your visitors might access it on. Whether that’s a brand new iPhone running Google Chrome or a Google Pixel running Firefox, your website might display differently if not designed responsively. Not designing a responsive website means you’re frustrating your prospective patients, which means you’re likely turning nearly half of your website visitors away.

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It meets accessibility standards.

Many people don’t know that the Americans With Disabilities Act Websites established standards that websites are expected to meet – and that failing to meet them can have serious consequences for their businesses. are expected to meet standards for accessibility for users with disabilities – and failing to meet these standards can have serious consequences. Not only are you making your website unusable to the nearly 1.4 billion people with disabilities worldwide and facing penalties from search engines, but you’re also subject to penalties if found in violations. The guidelines for ADA compliance state that if you’re found in violation, your first penalty may be between $55,000 to $75,000, with subsequent violations resulting in a $150,000 fine.

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It’s easy for visitors to become patients.

80% of businesses redesign their website because of low conversion rate. (GoodFirms, 2021)

The rate at which visitors to your site turn into patients is known as your website’s conversion rate. This is an important metric to monitor when it comes to the performance of your dental website or dental marketing. If your dental website isn’t converting at least 3% of your visitors into patients, it’s worth considering redesigning either your conversion elements (the buttons, forms, chat widgets, or other points of contact on your website) or your entire website.

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3 Gorgeous Dentistry Website Designs

clients aesthetic dentistry georgetown

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Aesthetic Dentistry of Georgetown

This website’s easy-to-use navigation makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, and the sticky navigation bar follows you as you scroll through the page.

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Leinassar Dental Excellence

There’s no doubt where to go if you want to make an appointment with this dentist. They make it very easy to find their contact information as well as their location and clinic hours.

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rapisarda dental

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Dr. Robert Rapisarda

 Along with making excellent use of sleek designs and navigation, this website has well-written content that explains the procedures they offer.

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