Google’s Local Search Symbols, and What They Mean

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Ever looked at a local search listing and wondered what one of the many symbols or icons meant? Google often includes these things within local search listings to provide additional information to users, but they can be somewhat confusing to users who aren’t used to seeing them. Here are some symbols you might encounter when browsing Google local search listings and how to understand their meanings.

Common Google Local Search Symbols

Star Ratings: Represented as a range from 1 to 5 stars, star ratings represent the average scores of the reviews for the business. They provide an indication of a business’s reputation and customer satisfaction. 

Review Count: The number next to the star ratings indicates the total count of user reviews or ratings the business has received. It gives users an idea of how many people have reviewed the business.

Directions Arrow: Usually displayed as a blue arrow, this symbol allows users to get directions from their current location to the business. Clicking on the arrow opens a map with directions.

Calendar: If a business allows users to make appointments, this will show up next to a calendar icon.

Phone Icon: The phone icon represents the business’s phone number. Users can click on the icon to initiate a call directly from their mobile device.

Website Link: A link symbol (usually depicted as a planet) provides a direct link to the business’s website. Clicking on the link takes users to the business’s website for more information.

Hours of Operation: Google may display a clock symbol to indicate the business’s hours of operation. This helps users determine when the business is open or closed.

Popular Times: Google may display a bar graph symbol to indicate the popular times for a business. This information helps users understand the business’s busiest and least busy periods.

Review Summary: In addition to showing the star rating and review count, Google provides a summary of what people frequently mention in their reviews, along with a breakdown of how many reviews of each star rating are being left. 

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