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Performance Tracking Park City, UTWhen you’re searching for something that Google assumes is of local interest versus general information, it returns local results.

When you type in “Dental Implants,” for instance, you’ll see what is called the Map Pack of local dentists near you offering to replace a tooth with a dental implant. It’s assumed you want options for solving your needs locally.

Of course, if you type in “History of Dental Implants,” the search results will all be general interest. An individual practice may show up in the list, but the doctor will probably have some renown with the development of dental implants and is not local. It’s assumed you want to know who thought up the idea of putting a titanium screw into your jaw, not that you want one placed there today.

Local search is crucial for all of our MyAdvice practices. From those potential patients missing a tooth and needing an implant to those wanting to erase a wrinkle on their face, you want to get into that Local Map Pack, and we do everything possible to make sure your practice is there.

In this blog, let’s look at a couple of aspects of that Local Map Pack so you know what they are and how they can show up with your listing. We’ll look at Review Mentions and Website Mentions, plus briefly detail a couple of other things that are being tested.

What are Review Mentions?

At MyAdvice, we’ve been building websites and optimizing them for search for over two decades. We don’t want to make any of our practices jealous here, so instead of medical search topics, let’s use “Ski Boot Fitting.” After all, we are based in the ski town of Park City, Utah.

OK, if you type in “Ski boot fitting” here is your search results page.


On the Surefoot listing, you recognize all the review stars, phone, address and all. But what is that little blue person icon in the circle at the bottom?

That’s the Review Mentions. This comes up at the bottom of a return when a query matches up with a component of a Google My Business review published by a customer. In the Review Mentions listing, there will be a bold word or a snippet. This is either a direct match to a component of the search or a synonym to it. In this case, you can see Surefoot’s Review Mention has “fitting” in bold.

That definitely adds to the return listing quality for the searcher. How can you help Review Mentions show up for your practice? When you’re asking your patients to write reviews of your practice, encourage them to mention the procedure or treatment they had done. This will allow the review data to be extracted for important keywords on your listing.

What are Website Mentions?

If you look at the Park City Ski Boot listing, you’ll see something else at the bottom, next to a little blue globe. The text says, “their website mentions ski boot fitting.” These are called Website Mentions.

Website Mentions appear in the Local Pack when a query matches up with indexable content on any page that Google associates with that business. As with Review Mentions, the bolded portion can be a component of the query or a synonym.

The key to triggering this on the bottom of a Local Pack listing is to have various keyword combinations optimized on your website.

Two newer features that may or may not show up

There are two other features that will appear in the same spot, although one is newer and infrequent and the other is in testing. “Sold Here” labels can show up down on the bottom line next to a blue circle with a check mark in it. You can see how it works on the “Adidas Outlet” listing below.


Sold Here doesn’t show up much yet, and it would likely be very rare for any medical procedure or treatment. Still, it may grow. For instance, a practice offering SkinCeuticals products could see it show up one day. As of now, however, it shows up for far more common items, such as the running shoes in this case.

The last item is known as “Google Post Mentions.” It is still in testing, but this would be how it will show up. If there is a match between a search query and the content within a Google Post, then it would show up next to a blue cog circle with an exclamation mark inside. Then a piece of the actual post is displayed. For instance, for the dental implants example, it could read “I had been missing a tooth for years…dental implants with Dr. Jones…”

Google Post Mentions only debuted in February of this year, so not much else is known about it yet. But it could be something to watch for down the road.

As always, if you have questions about Google My Business, local search, or anything else, please contact your MyAdvice representative, or simply give us a call or fill out a contact form.

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