5 Eye-Opening Facts about the Mobile Web

It’s no secret that the mobile web is growing. It seems impossible to go out in public without spotting someone staring or plugging away at a smartphone. What many may not realize is just how powerful the mobile web is actually becoming. With more and more people accessing the Internet from their phones, websites that aren’t optimized for mobile may become lost in the fold. To bring to light just how big this phenomenon is, here are some of the most revealing facts about the mobile web.

5 Eye-Opening Facts about the Mobile Web

    1. Most Facebook members visit the site with a mobile device. In a recent report from Facebook, it was revealed that there were 680 million mobile monthly active users as of the end of December 2012, signaling a 57% jump from the previous year. Additionally, the social media giant announced that mobile active users exceeded those visiting from computers for the first time in its history.
    2. Two thirds of consumers are choosing smartphones. With an increasing number of people turning to smartphones, the mobile web is becoming more popular than ever. As more and more start using phones with Internet browsing capabilities, websites will need to adapt to stay current.
    3. Mobile traffic accounts for nearly 13% of all web traffic. While 13% may not seem like a lot, this number was only 1% in 2009. It grew to 4% in 2010, and finally hit 13% in November of 2012. Those who haven’t optimized their sites for mobile use may be missing out on this key, growing audience.
    4. Mobile searches have grown 400% since 2010. Smartphones and tablets allow users to have instant access to information. Instead of having to wait until they’re near a computer to do a web search, they can simply pull their phone out and get the information they need. Having a mobile site allows users to more easily explore your practice, without having to painstakingly navigate a site designed for much larger screens.
    5. 57% of people won’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site. Websites are typically designed to fit onto a large computer screen, not a small smartphone. So what happens when users try to access these sites on their phones? They’re constantly zooming in and trying to navigate an unnecessarily clunky interface. A sleek mobile website helps users navigate your site with ease – and potentially recommend your services to someone else.

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