A Lesson in Mobile SEO: Why Your Practice Needs a Full Mobile Site

As millions of people are adopting Smartphones and migrating to the mobile web, medical practices and hospitals are looking at their options for creating mobile websites. While the choices may seem endless, it’s important to make the best decision not only for the aesthetics of your site, but also for your site’s visibility in mobile search engines.

Which is the best approach for Mobile SEO?

According to an article on Search Engine Land, the best approach for mobile SEO is a “one URL strategy.”

One URL Strategy = Full Mobile Site!

A one-URL strategy means that your site URL—the address of your website—is identical on both mobile devices and desktop computers. This is also known as a full mobile site.

Why is this the best approach?

The one-URL approach for mobile sites is the preferred format of two major search engines: Bing (officially) and Google (unofficially). This means that patients using search engines to look for your services from their mobile devices will be more like to find your site if your mobile site has the same URL. Learn more here.

In addition to finding your site on search engines, this approach ensures that potential patients have the ultimate user-friendly experience. When viewed on a mobile device, your site will have the same look, navigation and images, but everything will be sized appropriately for enhanced visibility on mobile devices.

Interested in a Full Mobile Site?

Contact a MedNet Representative to learn about our full mobile site packages!

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