Blog Writing Tips: Using a Call to Action

When it comes to blogging, good information should always be your number-one priority. In essence, you are indirectly marketing your practice by offering your knowledge and experience. While the majority of a blog article should not focus on pushing your services directly, at some point, you do want to remind readers that you have something more to offer. The best way to incorporate this is with a “call to action.” You can think of a call to action as a logical “next step” in getting in touch with your practice. And, it’s the best kept secret in converting website visitors to patients.


There are a variety of ways you can incorporate a call to action into your blog post. Here are a few we find useful:


  • Use strategic links. Insert links that relate to your services. For example, if you mention the term “facelift” in your article, a link to the associated page on your website points prospective patients in the right direction.
  • Link to your contact form. Linking to your contact form gives users a clear next step in reaching out to your practice.
  • Feature a special offer. Encourage users to take immediate action by featuring a special offer. While it’s not the newest tactic, it’s certainly still an effective one.

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