More patients using smartphones to search for healthcare information

As the use of smartphones and tablets rapidly increases, the way patients are finding health information is changing.

Smartphone ownership reaches all time highs

The Pew Internet Project released new information last week suggesting that just over half (53%) of US adult cell phone owners now classify as smartphone owners.

As we watch smartphone ownership increase, simultaneously, the mobile web becomes the new haven for those seeking healthcare information. A report from the comScore Data Mine shows the number of consumers using mobile devices to access health information rose 125% to 16.9 million between November 2010 and November 2011.

What does this shift mean for your practice?

For starters, you must make sure your mobile web presence matches your online presence. Try visiting your website from your smartphone or other mobile device. If it takes a long time to load or is difficult to view and navigate, we recommend investing in a full mobile website.

What’s a full mobile website?

A full mobile website looks exactly like your current site, but is optimized for enhanced visibility on mobile devices. Whether searching the web or connecting through a social network, patients accessing your site from their smartphone or tablet will be guaranteed a user-friendly experience.

Interested in opening up your practice to a whole new audience?

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