Google News: Penguin 3.0 Still in Progress

Several weeks ago, Google rolled out an updated version of its Penguin algorithm, dubbed Penguin 3.0. As with previous iterations, this latest edition also aims to demote the rankings of websites with poor-quality backlinks. Unlike the Panda update, which tends to be regional, Penguin is a worldwide update and is still in progress nearly one month later. What should you know about this update?

The Universal Language of Backlinks

Since the Panda update analyzes the content quality of websites, it rolls out on a regional basis. Panda is reading the content of every website in every language. Penguin, on the other hand, looks at backlinks, which are universal across all languages. This allows Penguin to roam freely across the world, with no known end date as of yet. According to Google, Penguin 3.0 has affected less than 1 percent of English websites. However, its impact on non-English websites remains unknown.

Bottom Line: Check Your Links

Despite its penalty-driven initiative, websites do still have a chance to benefit from Penguin 3.0. Websites with high-quality backlinks, as well as those who have cleaned up any previously poor-quality links, will likely see an increase in rankings as a result of this update. To prevent your website from getting impacted by Penguin (or any other update for that matter), only seek out high-quality backlinks to your site. In addition, periodic backlink analyses are crucial to catch and clear out any poor-quality backlinks before incurring any penalties on the search engines.

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