SEO Tactics For Medical Practices: From A Universal Search Prospective

The Importance of SEO!

Imagine buying a beautiful sign for your practice that nobody could see or read because it had a cover on it. Potential patients, existing patients, and anyone else wouldn’t be able to find the office. It’s safe to assume that you would ask the sign manufacturer to remove the cover so people could locate the practice. Leaving a cover on the sign seems crazy, right?

An unsearchable website is like a sign with a cover on it. Websites are the electronic equivalent to a medical practice’s sign, but better — they provide information to potential patients, existing patients and everyone else that a sign could not possibly fit. An unsearchable website is not effective; it will not be found during a search engine query.

Installing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics removes the cover from the website. Search engine optimization must become a long-term and permanent answer to your website’s traffic. A website without SEO seems crazy, right?


What is Universal Search Strategy?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term and permanent answer to your website’s visibility.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no SEO “silver bullet” tactic that will place a website on page one for an organic search. In the recent past, “black hat” tactics such as title tag stuffing, link farms, and hidden text were strategies that seemed to do the trick — until search engine companies modified their algorithms and began to flag websites that used these tactics. Highly visible websites that used those strategies vanished overnight.

Search engine optimization is not about “fooling” search engines through black hat tactics. Instead, SEO strategies must use “white hat” tactics (i.e. strategies that will not get a website banned from results pages) that evolve as search engine companies continuously modify their indexing algorithms.

In recent days, video on has received all the hype of past tactics but is entirely legitimate. Unfortunately, video is not the SEO “silver bullet” either.
Video is only one SEO tactic within a very large SEO website visibility strategy, currently known as Universal Search Strategy.

The Universal Search Strategy harnesses the SEO power of various content sources and strategically integrates them. Simply stated, SEO synergy is created through the unique content of various vertical data structures. When properly integrated with your website, these content structures drive SEO synergy, which ultimately result in high organic visibility. Universal search strategy is resilient to search engine algorithm modifications, adapts well to current data structures, and is flexible enough to handle future data structures. MyAdvice’s Visibility team uses Universal Search Strategies.

MyAdvice’s Visibility Team Leverages Universal Search Strategy!

In April 2007, MyAdvice restructured its tactical approach to search engine optimization; the Website Visibility Service Team created a process that leverages Universal Search Strategy. Seven months later, we can state with a high level of confidence that the implemented changes have created a market-superior visibility service product.

As you may know, search engine ranking is composed of three basic concepts: links, content and relevancy. Although it sounds easy, at the tactical level search engine optimization becomes complicated. We have successfully defined a scalable process strategy that leverages vertical content structures for effective SEO tactics.

The real test for our new strategy came in May 2007 when Google launched its new search engine algorithm. We are proud to say that our strategy has shown exceptional results not only in Google, but also across all the major search engines such as ASK, MSN and Yahoo. The Universal Search Strategy has displayed resilience to algorithm changes and quicker responsiveness to search engine rankings. Ultimately, websites that combine multiple vertical content structures overwhelmingly perform the best.

The following vertical content structures leverage Universal Search Strategy:

  • Website Content – We cannot stress enough the importance of website content. The more content a site has, the higher a search engine will rank the website. Simply stated, 35 pages of content will rank higher than 23 pages of content.
    Content is king and the foundation to all organic visibility.
  • RSS News Feeds – This technology uses industry-related news that keeps your SEO on the cutting edge. A hot news article will drive traffic to your site. It’s dynamic and it is free.
  • Newspaper and Magazine Articles – For original content, nothing is better than a press release. Placing these articles on your website drives SEO.
  • Article Indexing – The most original content a website will ever have is from an article the physician writes. A site using article indexing registers quite well on organic searches. In highly competive markets, this data structure is a must.
  • Video – It’s the newest and most talked about data structure. Video is a great public relations tool and creates powerful SEO inbound links to your website. MyAdvice has a terrific video package. The videos are tied into YouTube and are completely searchable across all the major search engines.
  • Social Site Links – That’s right! Myspace and Facebook cannot be ignored.
    These sites are a great way to create business networks through social affiliations including former patients, friends, colleagues and other professionals. Like video, this data structure creates powerful inbound links to your web site, which cranks up the SEO. Business is all about networking.
  • Local Business Maps – This technology allows our clients to show twice on a page one organic result. The first result is with the local business maps and the second result is part of the organic listing.
  • Images – A picture is worth a thousand words. Photo galleries provide an excellent source of information for patients. MyAdvice uses content to support image SEO for Universal Search Strategy.
  • Blogs – Blogs are excellent for three main reasons: agenda control, reputation protection, and SEO.
  • Directory Links – Building inbound links for your website can be difficult and costly. Achieving an inbound link from an external site does increase a website’s visibility. Video and social site links are two of the best ways to accomplish this. Registering with relevant directories is also an effective solution. Supplementing directories with video and social sites is an ideal solution.
  • SEM Pay Per Click Campaign – Although by definition pay per click is not a vertical data structure, it is an awesome marketing tool. It our recommendation that every SEO client should be doing some form of pay per click. It is the only technology that guarantees first page placement.

To find out more about MyAdvice’s website visibility services, contact us today.

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