Three Ways to Limit Duplicate Content on Your Website

Producing original, creative and informative content on a constant basis for a medical practice website can be a time-consuming task. Some website managers fall into habits where they recycle old content and re-purpose it to fulfill the need for a new blog post or page. This practice is referred to as “duplicate content,” and it may be hurting your search engine optimization (SEO) more than you’d think. Every time new content is added to your website, it forces major search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, to take a look at your site. If the new content you have added is unique, original and credible, it will boost your website’s search engine ranking.

How to Avoid Duplicate Content from Appearing on Your Website.

  1. There are two main options for minimizing similar content across your site. One option is to expand and improve upon the existing content of each page. The second option is to merge several pages of content into a single comprehensive page. For example, on a dermatology website, instead of having separate pages for allergic skin conditions, group the information about each condition into one page titled, “Allergic Skin Conditions,” because it’s likely that many of the conditions have something in common.
  2. Blog posts should always include new, relevant and original information. Some website managers or blog writers will take existing content and re-purpose it for blog posts. It’s best to conduct some research and develop a blog post that is organic, rather than a regurgitation of content that is pre-existing on another page within your website.
  3. Review your website before publishing. Website managers, and another trusted pair of eyes should thoroughly review your website before it’s published. This gives you a chance to catch any errors in addition to duplicate content issues. There are also several tools available such as, Google Webmaster Tools, which can notify you through an internal message if any duplicate content is detected on your website during the review process.

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