Reasons to Invest in Medical Marketing

Doctors often rely on word-of-mouth, insurance and hospital affiliations for patient recommendations. However, the stakes are high among healthcare providers to acquire new patients. Private practices can benefit greatly from investing in a medical marketing campaign. Online marketing for medical practices can greatly increase the amount of new patients you’re treating each day. To follow are the top reasons to invest in medical marketing.

Benefits of Online Medical Marketing


  • Branding is an opportunity to set your medical practice apart from your competitors.
  • Although a medical practice may not be the first type of business you think of when you hear the term, “brand awareness,” it is essential to your marketing campaign.
  • Your website is the perfect avenue for developing a cohesive brand that positively represents your medical practice.

Communication and Satisfaction

  • Engaging in online marketing for your medical practice is a great way to communicate with patients.
  • Share testimonials and reviews on your medical practice website.
  • Allow patients to take a survey where they can weigh your performance against their expectations of services rendered.
  • Use social media across various platforms to share information with your patients in a casual way.

Expand Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

  • Your patients are your biggest brand advocates, thank them through e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • The more you engage your patients, the more they will spread your brand.

Control Your Presence Online

  • Patients are using search engines to find new health care providers, medical marketing can make sure that your medical practice website shows up on search engine results through the practice of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Establish yourself as an authority and expert in your medical specialty.

Ready to Invest in Online Marketing for Your Medical Practice? MyAdvice Can Help.

MyAdvice is prepared to design a unique online marketing campaign for your medical practice. Our professional representatives can manage your online presence and help your practice attract new patients. For more information, contact MyAdvice.

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