How are Patients Using Mobile Phones?

As the use of smartphones rapidly increases, the daily life of many has changed. With instant access to search engines and social networks, more and more people are constantly connected and searching the web. Take a look at this infographic by Social Media Today showing how mobile phones are used.

Further your mobile presence!

Make sure patients searching the mobile web have access to your practice! Here are a few ways to further your mobile presence.

  • Optimize your website for mobile: We recommend investing in a full mobile site. Full mobile sites look identical to your website but are optimized for enhanced visibility on mobile devices. With no zooming required, a simplified navigation and one-touch calling, patients who come across your site will be provided with the ultimate user-friendly experience.
  • Claim your Google Places Listing: Follow these steps to claim your Google Places Listing. When your practice, or the procedures you provide, is searched on a mobile device, your Google Places Listing is likely to appear in top search results with a simple click-to-call option.
  • Mobile Pay-Per-Click: Consider launching a mobile pay-per-click campaign. This guarantees your practice placement in local mobile searches.
  • Join Social Media: If you’re not already connecting with patients on social media, now’s the time! Patients are constantly connected to mobile social networks; reach out to them where they’re already present!

It’s Time to Go Mobile

Make sure patients searching the mobile web are finding your practice! Contact a MedNet Representative to learn about our mobile web solutions.

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