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3 Reasons Why Doctors Should Embrace Mobile Friendly Medical Websites

As you know, the Internet has become an important source of information; consumers use it to research and to learn more about the services they need, including doctors and healthcare, every day.

Your website is an essential marketing tool and new patients will use the Internet to find information about you, long before you meet them.

Consumers have become so accustomed to having Internet access at their fingertips that it’s imperative for medical practices to offer a seamless online experience, both on desktops and mobile devices.

According to the U.S. Mobile App Report from comScore, many Americans today consider their mobile device as the preferred tool for work and communication.

If you want to acquire new patients, you will undoubtedly need a medical practice website design that is professional, informative and adjusted to this behavioral change.

1. Mobile Internet access is the new norm.

With ever-increasing available options in the marketplace, we now know that Americans like to research doctors before they commit to an appointment.

So the question remains: how do consumers access the Internet to conduct this research?

With smartphones and tablets accounting for 60% of all digital media time spent, mobile devices are now the leading digital platform in the US.

The Pew Research Center found that 64% of all American adults own a smartphone of some kind, and about 10% of those smartphone users report that their smartphone is their only form of access to the Internet.

We have crossed the mobile “tipping point” and medical professionals need to embrace and stay up-to-date on changes in consumer behavior.

As a doctor, you need to make sure you’re positioning yourself online and on mobile in order to reach new patients.

2. Mobile searches are trending upwards and Google has shifted its ranking algorithm in response to the change in consumer behavior.

The majority of all smartphone owners use their devices to find and research new services. In the Mobile Path to Purchase: Five Key Findings Report, Neilson found that people spend 15+ hours per week on mobile to research local products and services. What’s more, proximity matters! 69% of consumers expect businesses to be within five miles of their location.

Of the consumers who use mobile to research, an astonishing 93% go on to buy and most of those purchases take place in a physical store. To address this drastic change in customer behavior and to improve the quality of the search results for mobile users, Google rolled out a mobile-friendly algorithm update this past April.

Why does this matter for you? If your medical website is not mobile-friendly then Google automatically lowers it in the search engine results and prioritizes other medical websites that are mobile-friendly above yours.

3. Consumers want to schedule doctors’ appointments from their mobile device.

With an increasingly competitive healthcare industry, it is critical for doctors to find an edge and differentiate their medical practice from competitors. Over 6 million patients per month are using their smartphones and mobile devices to research information and book appointments online.

Can your patients schedule appointments online?

Consumers these days care about user experience and convenience. By adopting a mobile-friendly website with a patient-focused medical practice website design, you will tap into the mobile user market and convert more appointments online. As a bonus, you’ll stand out among your competitors.

With the help of mobile devices, consumers now have access to more information and a myriad of choices in the healthcare industry. In order to connect with new patients, doctors need to embrace mobile and deliver what more patients want and need.

Will you adopt a medical practice website design that is mobile-friendly to improve your visibility in mobile search results and increase your overall patient satisfaction?

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