10 Marketing Tips for Your Medical Practice

Successful online marketing doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s difficult to know when you’ve crossed the finish line if you haven’t set a goal. Today, businesses are expected to do more than run an advertisement in the local paper to market their business. Running an ad in the local paper may be the least effective way to market your business when there are so many different avenues to explore, but you won’t know until you test the different marketing channels. Follow these top ten marketing tips to develop your medical practice marketing plan.

Medical Practice Marketing Plan Tips

    1. medical practice marketing planSet a goal. Work with your team or a professional marketing company to determine a specific growth you wish to see in your medical practice within a set time period. Without goals, it is impossible to measure success. It is important to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, & Timely).
    2. Determine follow-up appointment contact methods. Does your medical practice call patients to remind them to schedule follow-up appointments? In addition to phone calls, consider sending e-mail reminders or Google+ events through an online calendar. Determine the cost of acquiring new patients versus keeping your current clientele. Look at the entire patient journey and where your marketing efforts could be improved to reach more patients or increase the frequency of contact.
    3. Strategize your referral system. Deeply consider your competition’s practices before referring a patient to another doctor. For example, optometrists often refer patients to ophthalmologists. It is important not to refer a patient to an ophthalmology practice that employs optometrists because it is too convenient for the patient to move their business to that practice.
  1. Establish and maintain a presence across all marketing platforms. Even if you can only post once a month, consistency is key. Social Media has many advantages for a medical practice; it shows a different side of the practice giving you a personality, helps keep you top of mind in a very user-friendly way and opens new ways of communicating with patients. Read how Medical Social Media Marketing can help your practice grow!
  2. Increase visibility of your medical practice website. This can be achieved through social media marketing, but also search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.
  3. Create a buzz on social media. Get people talking about you in a positive way!
  4. Use resources to develop a well-written, factual, and visually stimulating website.
  5. Above all, show that your medical practice is committed to quality.
  6. Develop brand continuity. This can include making sure that the logo used on your website matches the sign outside of your building, your letterhead for official documents, staff email signatures and social media profiles. Making sure everything matches ensures that your existing and potential patients can easily identify you.
  7. Don’t spread your practice too thin. Quality is everything. If you practice has exceeded its ability to see new patients, consider limiting the insurance plans you accept and whether or not at this time you can accept new patients.

These are great starting points to assess your Medical Practice’s Marketing Plan.
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