How Simple Education Helps Market Your Practice

Social media and blogs open up the opportunity for a very different type of marketing that can help give your practice more exposure. Instead of simply relying upon direct marketing and promotions to draw in new clients, you can connect with them on a more personal level by providing them with helpful information. You don’t need to dispense medical advice through social media or on your blog, but you can provide some education – something patients truly appreciate when it comes to their health. This will help you to develop a rapport with clients, and possibly generate a greater number of referrals.

How To Share Information On Your Blog or Social Media Account

The types of information you can share with your patients include the following:

  1. General medical information – you can provide tips on how to find a great doctor or specialist, how to determine which services are covered by insurance, and what information patients should share with a medical professional on their first visit to a practice, for example.
  2. Basic questions and answers about procedures – patients like to be armed with knowledge before they step into your office to discuss a procedure. If you have not provided this background, they will find it elsewhere, so it is worth sharing on your blog or via social media. Simply outlining the basics of the procedure, the recovery (if any), the benefits and the potential side effects can all go a long way.
  3. Relevant medical news – if there is anything exciting happening in the industry that has relevance to patients, or you have specific news relating to your practice, patients would appreciate hearing about it!

When you present the above information, it can be unique to your practice or you can provide a link to another reputable source. With either approach, you are acting as a source of information and this has its benefits to your online reputation!

Helping You Market Your Practice Online

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