Why Your Practice Needs Blog Writing

Since the late 1990s, blogs (originally known as “weblogs”) have seen a significant growth in popularity. Today, the practice of blogging is widely in use, from microblogging websites such as Twitter, to blogs created solely for either personal and professional purposes. Doctors and medical practices of all sizes may also benefit from having a professional medical blog on their own website.

Not sure blog writing is right for your practice? Consider this: a medical website without an active website or blog tends to attract much fewer patients. Regular blog publication will help bring your practice to the attention of patients from all over your local area! Whether your blog writing is handled in-house, or regulated by an outside company, patients will be responsive to credible, well-written, and informative blogs that are published to your website.

In today’s competitive medical marketing field, it is essential for a doctor to find a way for their practice to truly stand out from the competition. Creating and developing a good medical blog is one way to establish your expertise in your chosen field! Even doctors who are not necessarily strong writers can create and execute an effective blog, by using their experience to post blog entries using their experience and expertise-reflecting all that they know about their field! In time, ordinary medical blogs can transform into vital sources of information that reflect the doctor’s years of experience and dedication to the ever-changing medical field. Blogs can also be easily maintained, by using content management platforms such as WordPress, which are easy to use!

In addition to their ease of use and patient engagement benefits, blogs also have search engine optimization (SEO) benefits. Search engines such as Bing or Google tend to recognize quality-written content that is both original and informative, and which may benefit a person conducting an online search for medical information. Search engines will take note once several quality blogs have been written, which means that your blog (and by extension, your entire website!) has the chance the shoot up to the very top of search engine results. This increases the likelihood for quality traffic to your website!

Not sure where to start with your own blog? Let MyAdvice Help!

If you’re not sure where to start with your own medical blog, MyAdvice has an dedicated Internet Marketing Services department that can help! Our writers create quality content and relevant back links to help increase your overall rankings over time. Contact an MyAdvice representative today to learn about our tiered SEO packages and find one that will work for your practice and budget.

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