Social Media Etiquette For Medical Professionals

Doctors and other medical professionals are not untouched by social media. Many physicians use it for both personal and professional use. There are a number of gray areas when the issues of being a doctor and a social media user collide. To give an example, there is no prescribed solution to the dilemma of accepting a friend request from a patient. There is also the added complication of how much a doctor should disclose about his/her personal life to the public. It is also to be remembered that patients are protected by confidentiality clauses , and revealing certain information is considered a HIPAA violation. There is a possibility that fear of jeopardizing one’s profession may compel a doctor to stay almost non-existent on social media, even if there is no need to do so.

  • Establish  Twitter and Facebook accounts for professional use. These two are standard social media platforms and are almost used by all. If you use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, you can create a second account for professional use. It will allow you to share links and information with your patients and professional contacts while keeping your family photos and other personal data safe.
  • Use “Follow” and “Like” on Twitter and Facebook for news you are interested in. You can search for topics that you love and also track personalities you admire. Many of the news articles you come across on social media can be of great help in your professional life too.
  • Share useful, relevant and interesting information. When you share information which you believe is worth sharing, then you can engage in productive conversation with your peers.
  • Have a LinkedIn account. This is one social media account, which has become essential for professionals. It is basically your CV that is accessible to the public. Do build a profile page on LinkenIn.

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