4 Tips for Writing Compelling Email Subject Lines

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So you’ve written an awesome email… you’re offering a new service that will solve all of your patients’ problems, you’ve planned an open house to showcase the procedure, and your invitation email provides your customers with all of the details. Now how do you pack the same impact into a subject line to ensure your message gets opened and read?

To give you an idea of your subject lines’ importance, 35% of recipients open emails based solely on the subject line. And personalized subject lines cause recipients to open emails 22% more often. Investing your time in a subject line will be well worth the effort, as your content will be much more likely to be seen.

It can be tough! But we’re giving you four useful tips for writing subject lines that will compel your customers to open your emails to read what’s inside. After all, what good is your awesome email if nobody reads it?!

  1. Hook Your Readers – Think about why your customers visit your business in general. Do you provide a specific service? Are you conveniently located? Is your product the most cost efficient option? Use some keywords related to your business.
  1. Consider What Your Customers Want to Know – You may have a way to describe your business, products, and services as a professional. But think about the customer who seeks your expertise. He/she may describe your business completely differently. Think about the questions your customers would ask and answer them accordingly.
  1. Just Write – Don’t inhibit yourself. Great content starts in a brainstorm format. Write a few subject lines without stopping to rethink your idea. The entire line may not be perfect. But a great subject line will be in bits and pieces within your drafts. Extra tip: While you’re brainstorming, think about single words that describe what your email is about. Include them in your subject lines.
  1. Check for Accuracy – Take a good look at what your email is about. Make sure that your subject line highlights the main points without promising too much. Maybe wait to mention that your product will solve all of their problems, but they’ll surely have a great time at your event.


Sometimes your customers need a little push to engage with your practice. Your subject lines are the perfect opportunities to help them get the information they need to schedule your services. A bit of thought to the details in your email will go a long way!

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