Need to write a Facebook post? Here are some ideas!

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We love social media! Finding posts for your business page is one of the best parts of our job. But we know that some of the most engaging posts come straight from your practice. As much as we would like to be, we’re not in your office every day interacting with your patients, enjoying the beautiful weather, or celebrating the same occasions. And that’s exactly what your customers want to see every so often.

We’re here to do the heavy lifting by sifting through hundreds of articles each month, finding the most popular topics, and scheduling them on your behalf. But a few extra posts from your practice can go a long way toward increasing your Facebook reach and engagement. We’ve taken the hard part off your plate so you can focus on the things only YOU can provide – content from your practice. And as always, we’re here to help.

Here are five suggestions for posting engaging content on your Facebook page:

1. Videos – Posting native videos is a hot topic right now! Video posts have almost a 9% reach as opposed to the average 5.5% reach. And nowadays, shooting videos on a smartphone is easy. Record a clip of your presentation at a conference, a happy patient at a follow-up appointment, or your staff singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to your office manager.


2. Quotes – Sometimes simple is better. While providing tons of information about your services is tempting, your customers (and Facebook) like to see content that’s far from promotional. In fact, Facebook altered its algorithm to prioritize posts from friends over businesses. So the more personable you seem, the more posts will reach your customers.


3. Targeted audience – No one knows your audience better than you do. Even if you share the same field as another practice, your customers are unique to your specialty, location, and demographic. Post about a topic that’s important to them, whether you’re appealing to seniors, athletes, or moms. If your audience engages with your posts, Facebook will view your page as a friend more than a business.


4. Keywords – Posts about your services don’t need to be technical. Add some fun to the topics that you discuss with your customers every day. A quick Google image search might provide some entertaining content for your customers, as well as a little giggle for your staff.


5. Include trending topics – When the world’s abuzz about the latest viral video, sports championship, or hit TV show, that’s your chance to join the conversation! How do your practice, staff, and customers tie into the trending topic? Turn it into a clever post that falls right into your customers’ posts from friends.


With the new Facebook newsfeed algorithm change, our goal is to keep your page as relevant as possible. And we’re in this together! Let us know how we can help you start posting directly from your practice.

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