Social Media “Don’ts” That Are Hurting Your Social Media Presence

We’ve already covered the “do’s” you should employ when it comes to promoting your medical practice on social media. Here are a few “don’ts” to keep in mind when managing your social media presence.

  1. Don’t “like” your own posts. This may be a given, but its a silly mistake that can give off the wrong impression to your followers.
  2. Don’t ignore competitors. Social media is a social place, it’s important to engage with competitors, colleagues, and professional medical sites on your own social media. By sharing other account’s relevant posts, they’re inclined to return the favor and share some of your content too, which can increase your target audience.
  3. Don’t forget your bedside manner. Your social media presence is an extension of your bedside manner. If followers leave comments or ask questions through social media, answer them! Responding and continuing a conversation with your followers is essential to social media success, after all your followers are existing and potential patients.
  4. Don’t only post your own thoughts and information. Use other credible information to support your claims. For example if a post for plastic surgery practice posted, “Botox is the most popular injectable of 2014,” support that claim with a link to a credible study.
  5. Don’t schedule posts to go live at inappropriate times. Do some research on what times and days of the week your posts get the most traction. Posting at the wee hours of the morning when most of your audience is still sleeping will not generate a positive response.
  6. Don’t over post, and don’t under post. Make sure you establish an effective balance for your posting frequency. A general guideline is to post 2 to 3 times daily, this way you’re saturating your audience without over-saturation which comes across as spam.
  7. Don’t post personal information on your medical practice social media sites. Sharing with your followers is important but it must remain professional in order to maintain a positive web presence and reputation. Posting about your recent cruise to the Bahamas is not appropriate content for your professional social media sites. This also applies to patients, don’t post any personal information about patients without their documented consent.
  8. Don’t ignore or delete negative comments. In the face of negativity, rising above and providing a positive response is always good practice to maintain a positive online image.

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