Social Media “Do’s” That Can Help Your Online Presence

Putting your medical practice out there on social media is a great opportunity to market and engage with your followers. The online image of a medical practice can greatly help the practice’s reputation. To follow are a few tips on things you should be doing with your social media!

  1. First establish a target audience, then tailor all of your content to that demographic. In order to determine your target audience, ask yourself a series of questions pertaining to your practice. What is my medical specialty? What is the general age range of my existing patients? What conditions do I most commonly treat? What treatments/services do I most commonly provide? Why do patients come to see me? These questions are a great starting off point for determining who your target audience is and what it is they want to read.
  2. Practice the motto, “quality, not quantity.” By trying to increase your social media following, quality followers that suit your target audience are more valuable to your social media marketing efforts than the amount of followers you have. The goal should be to send messages of value to your followers. By sending mass messages to a quantified audience, the message loses its value.
  3. Make your posts interesting, topical, and attractive. Post images in your status updates and tweets. Posts containing images and useful information are more likely to be shared by your followers, which in turn increases your target audience.
  4. Content should inform your followers. Is your practice offering any specials? Is your practice participating in a community or charity event? Get the word out there! This is a subtle way to advertise your practice in an engaging way!
  5. Get to know your followers. You can learn a lot about your social media marketing success based off of who is following you. What is the bulk age range of your followers, what are they interested in? Demographics can help gauge whether or not your social media marketing strategy is on track!
  6. Everything in moderation. Posting often is the best way to ensure your social media presence, however over-posting can have unfavorable results. Social media users find it aggravating when business “hog” their social media feeds. Two to three posts daily is a safe guideline, unless you are engaging in a  conversation.

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