Marketing is indispensable for any industry and the healthcare industry is no exception. Whether you are a big hospital or a doctor running a small practice of your own, and irrespective of the field of medicine that you practice, having and implementing a good marketing plan will help your practice (or hospital) grow.

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5 Healthcare marketing plan tips

5 Strategies Crucial to Your Healthcare Marketing Plan

Following are five tips that, if incorporated into your medical practice marketing plan, can help you generate and convert more patients:

Healthcare Marketing Plan Essential

    1. A Mobile Responsive Website: In today’s world, having a website, that will work on any device, is crucial to your practice’s success. From computers to tablets to phones patients are accessing information quicker. You need to make the process for patients accessing information on the procedures you offer frictionless and the first step is having a site that will work no matter where they are accessing your information.

      77% of consumers will leave a mobile site that is not mobile responsive.

      Quickly test to see if your site is mobile responsive by viewing your website on a desktop and adjust the website browser to different sizes. If your site is mobile repsponsive your site will adjust to the new screen size.
      5 healthcare marketing tips - mobile responsive site

    2. Content marketing: This is the practice of providing content that will answer questions your potential clients may ask in a search engine. By providing informative content your build your own reputation as an authoritative source. You will want to use Healthcare Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices to ensure your informative and unique content can be easily discovered by users. In addition to having a website, it is also important to provide your prospective patients with information that can help them better understand your procedures which will in turn help move them through the sales funnel. For example, you can write articles on blogs or publish your own e-books that educate patients on their medical issues (in your area of expertise).

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  1. Creating and maintaining Local Directory Listings: When patients search online for doctors in your area of expertise, search engines like Google take data from Google+ Local pages and other directories of doctors in order to provide most relevant results for users. Creating listings and keeping the information updated will ensure Google has your correct practice information and will increase your chances of appearing in local search results.
  2. Healthcare Social Media Marketing: Social Media can help improve your visibility like few other marketing channels can. Post consistently on social media and post content that is related to the area of medicine to build a following and stay top of mind with your patients. Social Media allows you to connect directly with your potential patients while giving your practice a personality.

  3. Getting your patients to market your practice for you: In the healthcare industry, testimonials can be very effective in converting potential patients into patients. Request your patients to drop reviews online on social media platforms, on your website or other relevant places. Take it a step further by setting up a doctor referral program to incentivize your patients to refer you!

Doctor Referral Program

How Patients Use Search Engines for Healthcare Questions

Have you ever wondered how patients really search for healthcare professionals online? As a Google Certified Partner, we are pleased to welcome Kevin Lao directly from Google to speak about this topic. Patients truly take a winding path as they self-diagnose online using many different devices. Knowing how patients really search will give you the information you need to make sure that your digital marketing efforts are being targeted properly towards your audience.

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