Urology Digital Marketing

Marketing for urology practices has changed a lot with the advent of the digital age. Your prospective patients are searching for you online, and your website and marketing strategies are how they find you. So how do you know which marketing strategies are right for your urology practice? This guide examines 6 of the most effective urology digital marketing channels so you can decide which is right for you.

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Choosing A Urology Practice Marketing Strategy

What are the best strategies for marketing a urology clinic? Here are the channels we recommend.

Urology Marketing Strategies

Urology Website Design



of people make judgements about a company's credibility based on its web design.

Your website is the beginning and end of all of your marketing strategies. It’s where new patients get their first experience with your urology practice and where they’ll end up becoming your newest patient. If you’re spending lots of money on other marketing strategies for your urology clinic and still not seeing the results you expected, the problem could very well be your website. A good urology website gives your patients an instant first impression of you and your practice. It showcases your specialties and skills that set you apart from your competition while providing a safe, easy-to-use experience for your patients. 

Excellent urology websites have some things in common:

  • They work across all of the platforms your visitors use to access them – from mobile to desktop to tablets
  • They're updated frequently with new, relevant content and
  • They're redesigned at least once every two years
  • Hosting happens on secure, trusted platforms that don’t expose users to security breaches or downtime
  • Conversion elements like forms, phone numbers, chat support, and other contact options are present and easy to use

Not sure how your website stacks up? We can help! Enter your website URL for a free analysis. 

MyAdvice has 20+ years of experience building websites for urology practices like yours. All of our websites combine form and function, plus the support and knowledge you need.

Urology Search Engine Optimization (SEO)



of all traffic from the average Google search goes to a result on page one, according to Chitika.

There’s a ton of misinformation out there about SEO. The truth is, search engines reward the same things your users value: correct information on a site that works well and is safe. To accomplish this, Google and other search engines weigh various factors such as the content of your site, the security protocols in place, its performance across mobile and tablet devices, and the accessibility of your site for users with disabilities. 

What can you do to help your urology website rank higher?

  • Make sure the technical elements of your site are working correctly - this includes your title tags, meta descriptions, site security certificates, etc.
  • Regularly add new content in the form of blogs and site content
  • Build relevant, high-quality backlinks

Local Urology Directory Listings



of consumers who perform a local search ultimately visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

Even if you aren’t actively adding your urology clinic to online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, and others, you likely already have automatically generated listings across different directories. There are hundreds of online directories out there for urologists, and constantly checking all of them (assuming you can find them all) is incredibly tedious. Unfortunately, incorrect listings can have disastrous consequences for your local listings. Having consistent NAP — name, address, and phone — information ensures that search engines and patients have the correct information. This consistency across the web instills trust, helps bring patients to your urology practice, and is crucial in your marketing efforts.

Managing every aspect of your local listings is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Local Power was created to make management easy by putting everything into one place and automatically correcting mistakes.

Urology Reputation Management



of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Searchers looking for urologists use online reviews to help them decide who to trust. Can you blame them? Reviews offer a chance to see the results other patients have had with your practice, as well as how you handle negative reviews and customer service. Successfully managing your online reviews means successfully managing the reputation of your urology practice. 

Patients aren’t the only ones looking at your reviews. Search engines judge them too. Specifically, they’re looking at three things:

  • The number of reviews
  • The overall sentiment of the reviews
  • Your responses to each review

Urologists have special concerns when it comes to reviews and HIPAA compliance. This, combined with the time-intensive nature of requesting and monitoring reviews across multiple platforms, is why we created Review Power.

Urology Social Media Marketing



of consumers will follow a brand on social media to learn about new products or services.

Social media has moved from a peer-to-peer vehicle for sharing photos to a necessity for every business, urologists included. Many potential patients, especially younger patients with whom you want to establish a long-term relationship, look at a practice’s social media presence to see what the practice is like outside the normal website. When your practice is active on social media, it shows patients and potential patients another side of you and your entire staff. This builds trust and loyalty.

Our Social Power tool can help save you time with helpful planning tools and templates for all of your posts.

Urology Search Engine Marketing (SEM)



of people say paid search ads make it easier to find the information they are seeking on a website or a search engine.

SEM is often referred to interchangeably as pay-per-click (or PPC for short) because you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and lands on your urology website. What are you paying for exactly? The prime real estate at the top of a search engine results page. Because this is a paid strategy, having knowledge of budgeting, ad writing skills, and a solid website to convert the traffic you paid for is the key to success.

There’s a reason this strategy lives at the very top of our Pyramid of Success. If you’ve optimized every other piece of your marketing, this is a great strategy to grow your business even more. It’s also the most time-intensive and can be a waste of time and money in the wrong hands.

SEM Power is the platform for you if you don’t want to manage it on your own.

Many urologists don’t think about email as a way to market their services. After all, most men probably don’t look forward to an email from their urologist. Actually, email presents a great way to help patients understand the almost universal problems all men have with their urinary and sexual function at some point in their lives. An email can be informative, or it can talk about new products or treatment options. It can also be important for referrals — all men will need a urologist at some point. If you’re going to handle your practice’s email marketing in-house, you should choose your email marketing platform based on how easy it is to use and the price. The cost will be dictated by the frequency of your emails and the size of your list.

We feel one email per month is about right for urology practices. These will probably be mostly educational — “What causes cloudy urine?” — and should include information about your referral program. That referral program needs to offer something to a current patient who refers a new patient, like free tickets to a game or concert or other incentives. Your staff needs to collect these email addresses and manage your email list. To do this, you should have a connected form that directly links your website to your email marketing software.

Urology Blogging

Your urology practice website needs a blog. In your world, there is a good deal of misconception and outright fear from your patients and potential patients, providing ample ongoing blog material. Regular blog posts can drive traffic and potential patients to your site, provide regular content to link to on your social media pages and in your email messages, and are important for SEO for your site. Google views blogs as new content, and new content helps your site rank higher in organic search.

These blogs should be informational in tone, providing value to both current and potential patients. Posting needs to be consistent, usually one post each month. A blog titled “The truth about vasectomies” could be beneficial to many men out there.

Generating blogs can be difficult for urology practices. Many farm out these duties to freelance writers, or your digital agency should provide this content. By doing so, you ensure your blogging is consistent, and the quality is high. If one month you want to add a specific blog, you can do so.

Traditional Urology Marketing

Everything these days is digital and web-driven, but traditional marketing is far from dead. Newspaper ads, radio spots, billboards, direct mail, even TV. They can’t guarantee the same direct relationship as PPC ads, where you only pay if a person actually clicks on your ad. Instead, traditional media usually is based upon the potential that your target audience sees your ad.

At MyAdvice, we believe there is a place for traditional advertising coupled with digital marketing as described above. To make these traditional media cost-effective, you need a process to track their effectiveness and ROI, which isn’t always easy. We have options for directing specific media to specific landing pages or certain distinct phone numbers. Still, traditional media can be frustrating due to the unknowns and the cost of creative production.

Traditional marketing has been on the decline and will continue to decline for these reasons. That’s why your urology practice needs to focus as much as possible on digital marketing options.

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