The Importance of Engagement on Twitter

Twitter is a great promotional tool for so many reasons, one of which is the connectivity it provides you with. Engagement refers to how a follower interacts with you in a way that shows up on his or her time line, and may consist of either a conversation or the promotion of your account. This is a great way to have your business’s name passed through the public, and is also a great way to communicate with past, present, and future clients who have concerns or questions.

Communicating with clients over Twitter means they can advocate your practice, ask you questions, provide feedback, purchase your services, or give you a better understanding of your customers. By utilizing the communication tools that Twitter provides, you can better expand and shape your account and presence on the website. Let’s look at some more specific parts of engagement below.

3 Components of Engagement

  1. Retweets. These are a direct method of your own tweet being shared by a client, granting your business more exposure and a larger audience.
  2. @Replies. These tweets are only seen by you and any users who follow both you and the client who tweeted. They consist of the client using your handle (@twitterusername) at the beginning of the tweet and then speaking to you directly.
  3. Mentions. As in replies, the client will tag you in the tweet using your handle. However, these tweets are far less direct, speaking about your practice rather than with your business.

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