Social Media Myths and Misconceptions

Social media is an important marketing tool for the success of your business. However, there are so many myths and misconceptions when it comes to how to use social media effectively. To follow are the most common misconceptions regarding social media, and the facts behind them!

  1. Many practices think social media is unnecessary because a large portion of their patient-base is elderly. Studies show that over 56% of Facebook users are over 50 years old.
  2. Social media is too time consuming. Constantly tweeting or posting can actually get annoying so it’s important to understand the right amount. Only post important things that will benefit your patients. Over-posting can come across as spam!
  3. Social media will lead to legal issues and violate HIPAA. The potential for this happening is true, but with the help of MyAdvice, all social media accountant managers are fully-versed in proper etiquette to maintain a professional, and legally-sound social media image. If you prefer to manage your own social media accounts it is best to keep up-to-date with all HIPAA guidelines surrounding social media and to always keep individual patient’s information private.
  4. Facebook gets you “likes” not clients. A “like” on Facebook can go along way. The more users that “like” your page, the more visible your page becomes to other users. “Likes” can increase word-of-mouth referrals and assist in expanding your patient-base.
  5. The only pages that hold weight go “viral.” Going “viral” isn’t exactly what a medical professional webpage is setting out to do. It is better to build a successful social media presence where valuable information is dispersed to current and future patients.

MyAdvice Can Handle It For You

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