Importance of Patient Education

Patient education is a valuable tool for doctors looking to improve their search engine ranking. Patient education pages and videos on a practice’s website can also help validate personal referrals to your practice from colleagues and existing patients.

Patient education pages and videos can reinforce things patients learned during a consultation or answer questions they hadn’t thought to ask during a face-to-face appointment. By filling your website with educational content, patients can feel reassured that they have selected the right doctor for their upcoming procedure. Educational information has also proven to help anxious patients feel more at ease about conditions and procedures that they may be experiencing. 

Referral Validation

Doctors often refer patients to colleagues who specialize in certain aspects in the medical field. When a doctor refers a patient to a colleague, the patient is likely to visit the webpage of the doctor they are being referred to. When patients can muster trust for a doctor from his or her web content, they are more likely to book an appointment. This is known as referral validation. Patients are inclined to research a doctor on the internet before they ever meet.

What’s going to make you stand out?

One of the best ways to stand out among competitors is to have an authoritative website filled with information about all your specialties and procedures. List statistics, successes, reviews, etc. The more pages and links within your site, the more a patient can gather information on you, your practice, and determine whether they feel comfortable meeting with you.

Search Engine Ranking

Not only does having important information on your website solidify any patient’s concerns, it also helps your ranking on a search engine. Search engines rank websites for many reasons. Reasons include content, history of the website, activity, keywords, etc. Ultimately, a website is ranked based on its content. The more detailed and packed your website is with crucial information, the higher you will be ranked on a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Your content should be professional, original, and full of keywords that will help when showing up on a search engine. The goal is to be the top hit on a search engine for what your potential and existing patients are searching for.

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