Mobile Marketing: The Next Step in Medical Websites

Are you missing out half of the potential patient traffic? If you don’t have a mobile site you could be. According to a recent Yahoo! study, 52 percent of mobile users will avoid a site entirely if it does not offer an easily navigable and user-friendly mobile site.

Today mobile phones and tablets have all but replaced the traditional pc and laptop. The majority of mobile phone users choose to use their phones as they once did their laptops. And according to the study most users said if the site they want is not mobile-friendly they will choose another instead of heading to a computer to visit that site. Losing views is a real possibility.

Having a mobile website is becoming increasingly more important—it was also note that by the end of 2013, the number of mobile Internet users will surpass desktop users.

Does Your Practice Have a Mobile Site?

MyAdvice offers a number of services to increase your mobile presence and engage with your mobile-savvy patients. From a full mobile site to social networking packages, we have something for your practice! Contact an MyAdvice representative to get started.

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