SEO Oh No!

The words Search Engine Optimization is panic-inducing in many. Others think it’s a term for some magic mixed with keywords. And others still think it’s a hoax/unimportant/dead or any mix of that unhealthy combination.

Part of this thinking comes from the tyranny of Google and its unending crackdown on Black Hat SEO practices.  As harsh as those words sound, the ever-changing rules of Google are for the benefit of users looking for sites with unique, relevant and engaging content, like yours. Google’s policies regarding SEO are put in place so that viable and informative sites are ranked higher than sites with irrelevant links or keyword stuffed copy.

Here’s a quick a guide to why SEO is your friend:

Back Links: Links to your site tell Google that you are creating information that’s interesting, useful and helpful to the cyberworld. As Google sees the “shares” the site gets in the form of back links Google will start to place more weight and authority on the site, and over time helps to increase the sites’ organic rankings in the search results.

Content is King: How do you build back links? Writing unique and interesting content! The same rules apply. Unique, interesting, informative and relevant. If your content is engaging it will be read, shared and linked to from other sites and social media outlets. There’s no trick, or shortcut to it. Real content garners real links, which in turn gives your site authority and the coveted rankings.

Social Shares: While social media and search engine marketing are not the same, they are close cousins. A website with a complimentary Facebook, Twitter or Google + can add to your online visibility and exposure, based on what you share. Like links and content, it’s all about creating relevant information that will get shared throughout the web.

This is a simplified explanation of what SEO is, but thorough enough to quell any SEO anxiety. The big takeaways are to create interesting and engaging copy, often. And share it among your network, often.

Need Help Managing Your SEO Campaign?

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