5 Tools and Apps for Using Images in Social Media

Images make a major impact — and website visitors have been shown to spend more time on a page featuring images than one that only contains text. Using and even creating high-quality images that correspond with your content helps to build your online presence and increase sharability.

There are plenty of apps and tools geared toward making it easier to customize images to accompany your content, and we’ve highlighted six of the most helpful ones below.

  1. Preview. This desktop application comes pre-installed on Macs, and is a great way to edit images. Besides the standard cropping and rotating editing options, you can also add text and shapes to your photos. Add your company’s watermark and/or URL to your image when you’re done to deter others from stealing your work and to make sure that you get credit when it’s shared.
  2. Fotor. A great free photo and image editing tool is Fotor, which offers more than 90 special effects, including filters and a tilt-shift feature. You can also use Fotor to customize collages of your company’s products or team photos. To top it off, this helpful app and online editor allows you to share your finished images instantly on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr or by email.
  3. infogr.am. infogr.am is an infographic creator that allows you to make pre-designed themes and infographics that are accessible and visually pleasing. Colorful, interesting infographics make for better shareability, and can be used to make your company’s data easier for the general public to understand. Infogr.am can also be used as a Microsoft desktop app that allows you to pairs its service with Excel.
  4. Instagram. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a great way to connect via social media in a simple, concise way. Posting images relating to your company or field — along with a few fun, lighthearted and interesting photos mixed in — will attract more likes and followers. The Instagram app allows you to quickly and easily record and edit your own short videos.
  5. Pinterest. An “online pinboard” for collecting and sharing images, Pinterest is also great for social media promotion. Featuring your company’s photos and visuals on a specialized Pinterest account helps to spread awareness of your brand. Use high-quality images when pinning your latest blog post, add relevant tags and include a URL link to your content.

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