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When it comes to website design and marketing in general, it’s important to tailor your image to your strengths and personality. You want to create a website that emphasizes the reasons a prospective client should choose your firm rather than the competition. The text content should highlight these reasons, but don’t limit it to text. Use imagery including photos and videos to highlight your strengths and show why your visitor should want to choose you and your law firm.

Far too many law firm websites only have headshot photos of the firm’s attorneys. While these may look professional, they make your firm look like every one of your competitors and fail to show any personality. This makes sense, since a lot of your marketing decisions are probably based on what your competition is doing.

It is totally logical to research other attorneys’ websites before making final decisions on your own, but when it comes to building a brand, it’s important to think beyond the confines of the proverbial box. Headshots are fine, but they can also be limiting when they’re the only window into your personality.

At MyAdvice, we strongly recommend that you hire a photographer to take photos of you and your team in action.

The Importance of Action Shots

Relegating your headshot to your profile page, you should use the action shots to illustrate your disposition when working with other attorneys, staff and clients. You should spread these photos throughout your marketing materials (including your website).  This is a great opportunity to highlight those aspects of your personality that make you unique – specifically those aspects that show your client that you are capable of approaching a case with empathy and understanding. This is important because prospective clients are often in a vulnerable position when they’re seeking out the services of an attorney. They may have feelings of shame, guilt or embarrassment that are connected to the legal matter they’re bringing your way.

Some Notes on Headshots

Nonetheless, it is still important to put thought into your headshot. Many lawyers think it’s sufficient to go into a stodgy studio with a monochrome screen and be done with it. There are so many more options to consider. You want your headshot to convey your (and your firm’s) essence. Are you an environmental law firm? Then you may want to find a nature reserve in your area and include lots of lush green in the background of your photo. Are you a family law firm? Then you may want to pick colors that appeal to family sensibilities.

You may also want to highlight the character of the neighborhood you serve. People may respond positively to seeing a building or landmark that they recognize. This puts you in direct relation to your community and communicates a desire to serve that community.

Considerations for Action Shots

But remember, your headshot should be limited to your profile page. The rest of your marketing photos should show you interacting with clients and team members. To that end, you may want to hire a photographer who can shoot you and your team in your own office. You might find that your office isn’t well lit. In this case, you can either rent out a space with sufficient lighting or do the shoot outside.

Whatever you choose, you want to consider the appeal of the photographs. Do they convey the intended message? Will they bring in potential clients? Do they bring out the je-ne-sais-quoi that is so utterly you?

Closing Remarks

Remember, your photos are your client’s first impression of you, and first impressions, as we all know, are very important. That’s why you want your photos to show you at your best, while you’re in the midst of working on a case. And since you want to make a good impression, it’s advisable to hire a professional photographer, as anything less might look amateur and off-putting. At the end of the day, potential clients will look to your photos as a window into your firm and evaluate whether or not they think they will have a rapport with you. With the right set of pictures, these potential clients can get a sense of what to expect when they walk in the door.

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