Important Online Marketing Terms

For many medical professionals, marketing jargon is as confusing as medical jargon is to marketers! During a consultation with a marketing company, representatives may talk you in circles about link building, Google Analytics, SEO, SEM, SMM, CTR, CMS, PPC, the acronyms seem endless. But what do they all mean? To follow is a brief explanation of the most important online marketing terms every medical practice should know.

  1. Link Building– this is the way search engines determine authority for websites. This term is best defined by an example, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ website is considered a credible, authoritative source. If a private practice plastic surgery website’s link appears on the ASPS’s site, that is an example of link building. Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO.
  2. SEOSearch Engine Optimization is a marketing practice that ensures your website is search engine-friendly. It’s a lengthy process, but organic search results can be influenced by using key words to target traffic to your website.
  3. Google Analytics, or you may be more familiar with the term web metrics is the collection of data about a website and its vistors. Google’s program is the most widespread system used to compile information helpful in improving page visitor experiences.
  4. SEMSearch Engine Marketing is the term used for all forms of marketing that involve search engines, mainly SEO tactics and paid search marketing.
  5. PPC– Pay Per Click- When someone enters terms into a search engine, they are brought to a results page. The top 3-5 results are spots that business pay for, beneath paid results are organic search results influenced by SEO. PPC is a form of advertisement in search engines where after an initial set-up fee, you only pay every time a user clicks on your ad.
  6. SMMSocial Media Marketing is a free marketing tool that allows business to upload and disperse promotional and informational material to followers in a social, casual setting. Return from social media marketing is difficult to quantify, however, it is exceptional for client relations and helping to establish yourself on the web with an authoritative presence.
  7. CTR– Click Through Rates are a way for marketers to determine the effectiveness of an advertisement. “Click through rate” is the amount of times your ad is clicked versus how many times your ad appears. If the CTR is low, that ad is deemed ineffective and a new ad should be developed with fresh content.
  8. CMSContent Management Systems are a way for website owners to manage and alter the appearance and content of their website requiring only basic-level knowledge for navigating the internet.

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