What’s the Interest with Pinterest? Part Two: Leveraging Pinterest in the Healthcare Industry

In Part One, we introduced the latest social network that has everyone talking—Pinterest! One of the factors behind its starring role in the news and Internet is its success at becoming the fastest growing website (and social network) by hitting 10 million unique monthly viewers in record time.

It’s functionality as a social photo-sharing site allows people to create and share collections of images. Users curate themed-based image boards, pinning pictures, videos, discussions or gifts by either uploading content themselves, or repinning something that has already been shared. For more information about Pinterest, check out Part One.

Connecting the dots: How can you use Pinterest in the healthcare industry?

As we mentioned in Part One, according to AppData and Facebook, 97% of Pinterest users are women, the majority of which are between the ages of 25 and 44. Additionally, health, beauty, fitness and skincare are all major categories on Pinterest. Chances are, your line of work relates to at least one of the categories above. Finding ways to reach your patients with Pinterest using images, infographics and videos is a great way to draw visitors to your site.

Here are a few creative ideas for reaching patients through Pinterest:

Reaching moms:

Perhaps moms make up a portion of your patient-base. Many hospitals and medical practices are using Pinterest to reach young mothers. Sharing healthy snack tips, ideas for crafts and fun kid-related activities are just a few ways you can spark the interest of young moms. You can also share tips on shedding baby weight or offer your expertise on breast feeding. If you’re a plastic surgeon, you can discuss “mommy makeovers” and share your best beauty tips.

Health & fitness:

Health and fitness are both major categories on Pinterest. You can share fitness tips, weight loss success stories and healthy recipes.

Beauty and skincare products:

Do you offer beauty or skincare products? Pinterest is a great way to showcase them! Put up pictures of your products, with images of results.

Before & After images:

People love before and after images. Consider sharing your galleries on Pinterest. Note: Pinterest does not allow ANY nudity. Be sure to keep this in mind when selecting images from your galleries to pin.


This is a great way to connect with your patients on a more personal level. Share book recommendations. They can be related to your field or just something you think your patients might enjoy reading!

Promote blog posts:

If you don’t already add images to each blog post, this is a great reason to begin. Sharing blog posts on Pinterest is a great way to gain traffic to your site, without having to put it much extra work!

YouTube videos:

Share your practice’s YouTube videos to generate visits to your channel.

Remember to be creative!

Do research. Use the search bar to find terms relevant to your practice that users may be searching. Connect with users and follow those pinboards, and repin!

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