Increase Patient Interaction & Referrals with Social Media

Whether or not you’re a part of the conversation, Internet users are talking about you, your practice and the services you provide. Patients are not only actively seeking out health information on the web, but also interacting with others about health procedures, treatments and most importantly, healthcare providers. Taking the initiative to join the conversation can make all the difference for your practice!

Not only has it been proven that online reviews greatly influence consumers, but it also has been shown that consumers follow brands and use services that their friends “like” and interact with on social media.

Understanding how to implement a social media strategy that generates conversation is the key to encouraging patient interaction and referrals.

Content is King.

Get into the minds of your target market. What’s interesting to patients? What terms will they understand? What will “go viral” in your market? Knowing the answers to these questions and writing blog posts, and status updates accordingly will increase the likelihood of “likes” and “shares” on Facebook, “retweets” on Twitter, and “+1s” on Google+. Provide content that is “share-worthy.” The more interaction sparked by a specific post, the more eyes will see it!

Consistency is Key.

Posting on a consistent basis is equally important. Establishing top-of-mind awareness with your social network will keep them thinking and talking about your practice.

Also, be consistent with answering questions and thanking fans and followers for their feedback.

Social Media Drives Authenticity.

Understanding how to use social media to establish credibility is also important in encouraging patient referrals. Make sure you share accurate information. Be there to answer questions. Don’t be controversial, and stay professional.

Once you establish a sense of respect and trust on social networks, more fans and followers will come.
As more patients interact with your practice and share your content on social media, the likelihood of patient referrals increases.

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