Are You Using Social Media Correctly?

Our MyAdvice blog covers many aspects of how you can use social media to improve your online presence and boost your business, but in this post, I’d like to discuss ways that you may be using social media incorrectly – without even knowing it.

Digital marketing expert Eric Siu (@ericosiu) recently listed the top 10 signs that you’re using social media wrong over at His article highlighted some very important points that all businesses should consider if they plan on having an effective social media plan.

Here are five of the signs Siu mentions that are the most relevant and applicable to our clients, as well as to most practices in the medical field, whether you’re a general practitioner, orthodontist or cosmetic surgeon. After each sign, I’ve added my own tips for correcting any of these social media mistakes.

  1. You don’t update regularly. A neglected, sparsely updated social media account sends a bad message to current and potential customers. Make it a point to create new posts on your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts at least once a week.
  2. You broadcast, rather than engage. Social media is a two-way street. Along with posting about your practice, make it a point to interact with other users, add and follow accounts who are relevant to your field, like others’ posts and respond to comments.
  3. You autopost updates across all your social profiles. Oftentimes, what looks good on Twitter won’t come across as well on Facebook. Rather than setting up autoposts of the same exact update to post across all of your social media accounts, customize every post to each separate social media site. This only takes a few minutes but will make your posts look more professional and well-written.
  4. You ignore (or delete) negative social mentions. Even the best, most highly-rated companies receive negative feedback. If an unhappy customer leaves a complaint on your Facebook or Google+ page, address their concerns, rather than deleting their message. Learn ways to handle customer complaints and preserve your positive online presence.
  5. You don’t respond to customer posts quickly. Neglecting customers’ comments on your social media pages sends a strong message: that you don’t care. Make it a point to respond to comments and mentions on your social media accounts’ walls, updates, tweets or blog posts in a timely manner.

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