Top Mobile Apps For Doctors

As the medical field changes, more doctors are beginning to introduce mobile medical apps into their daily practice. These apps are designed with the purpose of making doctors more efficient, and to help patients gain greater insight into their medical care.

Here are some of the most popular medical mobile apps doctors are using today. (Please note that MyAdvice is not affiliated with, or promoting, any of the companies that developed these apps.)

  1. DrawMD. DrawMD is an app specifically made for iPad devices that allows doctors to show patients exactly what a surgical procedure or other treatment will entail. The app displays interactive diagrams, giving the doctor the visual tools to explain complex medical procedures or surgeries. Doctors can use the pre-drawn images on the device, or upload their own images. Additionally, doctors can type and draw on the device, and e-mail any notes or drawings to their patients. The app is available for specialty practices, including critical care, cardiology, female pelvic surgery, general and vascular surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, orthopedics, and urology.
  2. EZ Derm. Specifically designed for dermatology practices, EZ Derm, powered by Nuance Communications, is an electronic health record system. Available for iPad, the app allows dermatologists to document each appointment and treatment with their patients simply by talking. EZ Derm has a voice-recognition system, and also provides doctors with 3-D maps of the body, on which they can make notes using touch technology. It also has integrated support, which includes information on diagnosis and suggested treatments. The app allows allows doctors to text, and hold video conferences, with their staff, colleagues, or even patients.
  3. Visible Body. Visible Body’s 3D Human Anatomy Atlas is available for iPad, iPhone, and Google Android devices. The app gives doctors, as well as medical students and patients, detailed 3-D models of hundreds of organs, and nerves throughout the human body. The app also contains information and guides to all systems of the human body.

Does Your Practice Use Mobile Apps?

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