Utilizing Images to Get More Social Media Engagement & Shares

Interacting and engaging with your current customers and potential future clients via social media can be tricky. You want to get your company’s message across while also presenting something visually appealing enough to attract attention and draw visitors in.

Research conducted by Facebook shows that, compared with just plain text updates, posts with photos receive 120% more engagement, while photo albums receive 180% more interaction. Adding a photo to accompany a text post – or making an image the central point of your post – will encourage more comments, shares and “likes” on your account, whether you’re posting on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Making your social media account posts more visual requires carefully selecting which photos to use. To avoid facing copyright infringement claims and getting hit with fines or legal issues, don’t use just any random photo that you find by using a Google image search. Make sure you have the photographer’s permission to use a photo, or use the Creative Commons search option to find usable, royalty-free commercial images on photo sharing sites such as Flickr.

Use your chosen images to add color to simple, plain posts. For example, rather than just posting a link to your site’s content on Facebook, create a photo post and add the link in the image’s description. That way, users will be more likely to click on the link, compared to just posting the link alone. It’s also more eye-catching than the automatic pop-down preview that Facebook usually provides when you share a link, since the preview’s photo is substantially smaller and therefore easier to overlook and scroll past.

When you want to add a description along with your photo and link post, try to keep it reasonably brief. Followers and fans tend to ignore photo posts that are accompanied by long, tedious blocks of texts. In fact, research conducted by Facebook also found that posts that are between 100 and 250 characters get about 60% more likes, comments and shares. So keep your posts concise and to the point, and invite fans to click on your provided link if they’d like to learn more.

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