62% of Physicians Use iPads or Other Tablets, Says New Data

A recent report from Manhattan Data suggests that well over half of all physicians use iPads or other tablets in their daily life. These cutting-edge devices are becoming more and more important, both in and out of the office!

How Medical Professionals Are Using Tablets

Access to patient documents-

    • Tablets give physicians consistent access to email and important documents. Certain HIPAA-compliant apps even allow physicians to access and send patient records, X-rays and test results.

Watch online videos to keep up with clinical information- Reports show that physicians use tablets to watch online videos to keep up with industry information, furthering their education on their own time. Certain apps even allow physicians to earn CME credits from their mobile devices.

Interactive patient education- Many physicians find tablets a useful, interactive way to discuss treatments, conditions and procedures with patients. What better way to explain a procedure than to show visuals?

Patient forms and check-in- More and more patients are being prompted to fill out forms and check in to their doctor’s office on a tablet rather than on paper. Think of the massive amount of paper you will save!

Keep up with social networks- Doctor’s can use their tablets to keep up with their social networks. Responding to questions and posting throughout the day will make you patients more likely to communicate on social sites.

What uses have you found for iPads and tablets at your practice?

Tell us why you love your iPad or tablet!

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