5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Your Medical Practice

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you’ll already know that we’re urging medical practices to go mobile. As more people are using the mobile Web to search for medical information, your potential patients are likely to find your website using their smartphone or tablet.

Ensuring that patients do come across your site in mobile searches, and that they land on a user-friendly version of your site is crucial in making sure you’re not deterring your mobile audience.

Here are 5 ways to promote your practice to your mobile audience:

Mobile Site. Full mobile sites ensure that potential patients who come across your site on their smartphone or tablet will view your site exactly how it appears on the Web. The only difference is that images, navigation and sizing will be optimized for viewing on their mobile device.

Often, if a website is not optimized for the mobile Web, it can be unappealing and difficult to navigate. This can cause viewers to immediately leave your site and visit a competitor’s.

Mobile ads. As you may know, Search Engine Marketing, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns, help guarantee placement for your website in search engines for highly-targeted audiences and searches. Recently, these capabilities have translated over to the mobile Web.

Now, when potential patients use mobile search engines to look for your services, their location, demographics, previous searches and even prior social communication has an impact on their search results. This will help put your website in front of a highly-targeted group, increasing the chances those clicks convert to patients!

Social media. If your practice isn’t active on social networks, it’s missing a huge opportunity to connect with patients. In addition, 45% of all Facebook traffic and 55% of all Twitter traffic is mobile. This means that links you’re sharing on social networks are being viewed on mobile devices. If you’re sharing links to your site or your blog, make sure they are mobile-friendly.

Check-ins. A great way to motivate patients to visit your practice is by allowing them to “check in” for specials or promotions. Visitors can check-in using Facebook, or Foursquare. When patients check-in, it will be shared with their entire social network, therefore spreading the word about your practice, your services and your special offers.

Texting patients. Texting your patients with important information, such as appointment reminders, is another great way to utilize the convenience of mobile technology. And, it’s been proven to increase patient compliance.

Promoting your practice to your mobile audience will open your doors to highly-targeted potential patients. Mobile is the new way of the Web; make sure your practice is found!


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