How to Grow Your Email List

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Today’s email marketing world is loud. The average person receives an estimated 100 emails in a day. Think about the email lists you’re subscribed to – why do you stay subscribed to them? What makes you likely to unsubscribe from a business’s email list? Maintaining a robust email list is an invaluable online marketing tool. Understanding these common traits by thinking about your own experience as an email subscriber can help guide your business email marketing strategy. Whether you want to attract new patients or keep your current patients happy, sending quality content directly to inboxes is key to boosting revenue.

How to Grow Your Healthcare Email List

Here are 5 steps to growing your healthcare email list.

Make Signup Easy 

The easiest way to add your patients to your email list? Collect their addresses as a part of new patient paperwork. The key to keeping them there? Allow them to select which kinds of communication they want to receive from you, whether that’s appointment reminders only or newsletters and other marketing communications. Nobody wants to feel badgered and annoyed by their email inbox. Beyond paperwork, make sure you have a signup field on the footer of your website and other places your practice is online. And then, be sure to add your new email address submissions to your email list.

Offer Something in Return

Patients are more willing to give their email addresses if they get something in return. If you have a high-quality brochure, an information session with limited space, or a discounted product to swap for your patients’ coveted email addresses, do it! You’ll have more opportunities to sell your services after they’ve felt like they received something of value.

Allow Patients to Email You Directly. 

It’s a reasonable request. If you’re asking for personal access, they’d love to have the same opportunity to ask questions via email. Plus, you may even have the opportunity to promote your business one-on-one. If you find that this is too much maintenance, consider a shared inbox monitored by multiple people at your practice.

Maintain Your Email List 

If a patient hasn’t opened an email from you in months, send a final email asking if they’re still interested in receiving emails from you before removing them from your lists. There’s no need to fill their inbox with unwanted emails. Doing this will keep your open rates high, and you’ll be able to make your emails specific to your database with an email list of interested patients only.

Don’t Buy Email Lists

It might seem like a good idea to purchase a list of contacts, but having even a handful of genuinely interested patients who chose to opt in to your emails is better than sending unwanted emails to people who have never heard of you. Plus, purchased lists violate most email service providers’ terms of service, meaning you run the risk of getting blacklisted if you go this route. Take the time to build your list the correct way – it won’t happen overnight, but it’s worth it!

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