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How many email lists are you subscribed to? Probably more than just a few! And what made you choose to join a mailing list in the first place? What keeps you signed up?

Maintaining a robust email list is an invaluable online marketing tool. Thinking about your own experience as an email subscriber can help guide your business email marketing strategy. Whether you want to attract new customers or keep your current customers happy, sending quality content directly to inboxes is key to boosting revenue.

Just picture it! Your potential customer is sitting on her couch after a long day at work thinking about how she needs to schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional in your field. But she doesn’t want to do a bunch of research! Instead, she opens her personal email account. And BOOM! There’s your email about the service she needs with a click-to-call button for your office, which eventually leads to a conversion.

We know, we know! That’s the ideal scenario. Here are four things to keep in mind if you want to achieve the ideal scenario by growing your email list:

1. Make signing up for your newsletter easy. How can you grow your email list if your customers don’t know that it’s possible to sign up for email updates?! Add a signup field to your website footer, post a link to a signup form on social media, or collect signups at your office front desk. Whatever works best for you! Then, be sure to add your new email address submissions to your email list.

2. Make an exchange for an email address. Customers will be more willing to give their email addresses if they get something in return. If you have a high quality brochure, an information session with limited space, or a discount product to swap for your customers’ coveted email addresses, do it! You’ll have more opportunities to sell your services after they’ve felt like they received something of value for FREE.

Another quick tip for your emails… plan ahead! Don’t wait until the last minute to write your content. The topics can be seasonal and the quality will be better, which your customers will greatly appreciate.

3. Allow customers to email you directly. It’s a reasonable request. If you’re asking for personal access, they’d love to have the same opportunity to ask questions via email. Plus, you may even have the opportunity to promote your business one-on-one.

4. Create a positive user experience. If a customer hasn’t opened an email from you in months, remove them from the list. There’s no need to fill their inboxes with unwanted emails. And you’ll be able to make your emails specific to your database with an email list comprised of interested customers only.

We know that your email list is important, and we want you to think so, too!

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