Email Marketing: Click-Through-Rates Slip as Mobile Opens Rise

Recent reports by eMarketer suggest that while email open rates—specifically on mobile devices— are on the rise, email click-through-rates are slipping. Email still remains one of the best ways to reach consumers. The challenges is making sure all viewers—including those on the mobile web—are presented with powerful messages that will result in conversions.

Solution: Optimize your Marketing Emails for Mobile

The good news is that a few simple changes to your email blasts can help kick this problem. Optimize all marketing emails for mobile devices by following these rules:

Avoid long subject lines-Your main message should be stated within the first 15 characters of your subject line. This is all mobile viewers will see!
Font Size- Use a font size of 14 pts or higher for the body of your email and 30 pts or higher for headers.
Simple Layout- Less is more with mobile-optimized emails. Too much text may be hard to digest on mobile, and images may be slow to load.
Large Buttons- Make “clickable” buttons large enough for thumbs!
Mobile site- If you include links to more information on your practice’s website, blog or contact form, this is a great time to consider going mobile! Full mobile sites look exactly like your current site, but are optimized for enhanced visibility on mobile devices.

Email Marketing for Healthcare Professionals

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