Referral Marketing for Dentists

For most dentists, referrals from other providers are a key source of some of your biggest cases. However, lack of time, visibility, and online targeting can all hinder your ability to make connections that can become beneficial referral sources.

MyAdvice offers a “done for you” referral marketing program that builds your brand, identifies valuable contacts, and generates conversations that turn into referrals, leads, and patients. Call MyAdvice today at 435-575-7470 for a live 10-minute demonstration. See how network marketing should work.

Getting Started with Referral Marketing

You may already know how important LinkedIn is to your social media marketing. But did you know it can also be a highly effective lead generation tool?

When you invest in our networking and referral marketing, you get:

  • An updated and fully completed LinkedIn profile: MyAdvice partners with a LinkedIn marketing expert who updates the header, tagline, summary, links, and other parts of your LinkedIn profile to communicate your brand identity and present a credible image to potential referral contacts.
  • A highly profiled target audience: Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, prospective contacts are identified by geography, industry, activity, and other factors to ensure the greatest likelihood they connect with you. For higher-end dentists, this usually means connecting with providers who may not take on the kind of cases you can and want.
  • Customized messaging: Referral marketing campaigns send 1,000 targeted invitations and over 500 follow-up communications to those who accept every month.
  • Online tracking: Track campaign activity, new contacts, and their actual messages, so you know to whom and when to reply.
  • Thought leadership opportunities: Referral marketing communications can complement your database marketing, helping you earn the trust of new connections by regularly sharing high-quality content updates that keep you top of mind.

By investing in a MyAdvice referral marketing campaign, you diversify your marketing efforts, drive new leads from sources your competitors overlook, and save time and effort. Utilize a trusted platform like LinkedIn to make connections, develop referral sources for new patients, and generate results!

Referral Marketing Benefits

Although most dentists prize referrals from other provides, they typically prioritize mass marketing and advertising and spend no time or budget on these referrals. Your competitors typically do the same, which makes it more difficult to generate leads and maximize your ROI from your marketing and advertising.

Referral marketing is less competitive than many other options, enabling you to realize benefits such as:

  • Referral leads are typically more qualified, having been at least partially vetted by your referral source
  • Referral patients typically shop less since they already have a higher level of trust in you
  • Referring practices can become a consistent stream of new patients and cases

On average, our referral marketing campaigns return the following results:

  • 250 new targeted contacts per month
  • 30+ potential referrers who request a conversation
  • New referral leads within 30 to 60 days

Call MyAdvice at 435-575-7470 to learn more today!

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