Inbound Marketing for Attorneys and Lawyers

The decision to hire an attorney is a momentous one for many of your prospective clients. The legal system is daunting for non-attorneys, which is why your website and all of your Internet marketing must strive to build the confidence and earn the trust of potential clients.

Each and every business is subject to the buyer’s journey, a series of steps consumers take before they decide to make a purchase. Picking a law firm is no different, and inbound or database marketing is an effective way to stay on a prospective client’s radar while they gather information about attorneys and determine the best fit for their case.

Inbound campaigns amplify your marketing message. They build relationships with prospective clients, working together with additional strategies that improve your rank, boost your reputation, and generate high-quality leads. Multi-channel marketing ultimately improves conversions and drives more revenue for your law firm.

MyAdvice designs and executes custom inbound marketing campaigns to entice and cultivate leads at various stages within the buyer’s journey. To find out how this innovative service can complement your overall law firm marketing, please call 435-575-7470 today.

Steps of an Inbound Marketing Campaign:


Step 1: Call to Action

Our team strategically positions a custom, interactive call-to-action (CTA) graphic on the primary Web page for one or more of your priority practice areas.

Step 2: Landing Page with Form

Users who click the CTA arrive on a lead generation form page. They are asked to provide some low-commitment information (first name, last name, email address).

Step 3: Downloadable Premium Content

After submitting the requested information, users can download a piece of premium content in the form of a handsome, branded PDF. Relevant and desirable content such as tips sheets, how-to-guides and more builds credibility, rapport and, most importantly, primes the prospect for conversion.

Step 4: Lead Nurturing Emails

The email address the prospect submitted in step 2 is stored in an email database that MyAdvice creates and manages on your behalf. At periodic intervals, potential clients receive automated followup emails in their inbox that keep your law firm fresh in their minds.

These lead nurturing emails are an important part of your inbound campaign because they send relevant content to your prospects over time, help educate them and build trust and credibility with your brand. Your prospect will receive 2-3 additional follow-up emails that will keep your firm top of mind, prompting them to contact you when they are ready to move to the next step.

Step 5: Maintaining Relationships

Inbound marketing campaigns don’t just cultivate potential clients in the midst of a case. Developing an ongoing relationship-building campaign, such as a monthly newsletter or email blast, that goes out to current and past clients is key to building “lifetime” clients and referrals. It is also important to add your inbound contacts and leads into this campaign so that it builds over the course of time.

As an addition to your inbound marketing, MyAdvice can develop a branded newsletter presentation to consistently deliver, track, and monitor the activities of your contacts' engagement with your content.

Why Use Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a “long-game” solution for generating leads. Some users will find what they need and get in touch the first time they visit your website, but many prospects need time to find information, read reviews and take other steps to find the best attorney.

By harnessing your website and growing your nurturing your database of email contacts, your law firm can enjoy the full benefits of an inbound marketing campaign. By aligning this marketing strategy with your key practice areas, you can:

  • Turn more website visitors into leads by tapping into the buyer’s journey of your clients
  • Stay in front of prospective leads with personalized communications and high-quality content
  • Build your credibility, authority and connection with prospects so they contact you when they’re ready to pursue their legal claim

Today’s consumers want to connect with businesses before, during and after they buy. With inbound marketing, your law firm will truly capitalize on the phrase “We’ll be in touch” to drive leads and cases.

Find out how inbound marketing can benefit your online marketing and lead generation by calling MyAdvice today: 435-575-7470. Your initial conversation with an experienced digital marketing consultant is absolutely free.

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