Make the Most of Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is often a subject of debate. Some companies think it’s a great, cost-effective way of engaging with current and potential customers, while others don’t agree it helps their business grow. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, it is important to be smart, and to know how to make the most of what the site offers.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways to make the most of your Facebook presence.

  1. Select your audience. Who you target for ads could affect your company in the long run. Luckily, Facebook allows businesses to target very  specific demographics. Users can  target by city, state, gender or age. Additionally, Facebook offers advanced target options, such as education level, relationship status, or language. Furthermore, once you choose all of your targets, Facebook will tell you exactly how many people you will reach with your ad.
  2. Keep it short and colorful.  If you want more business driven from your posts, keep it short, yet descriptive enough to capture the audience’s attention; 250 characters should be plenty.  Keeping it short and engaging can increase the amount of shares and comments your page gets. Also, keep in mind that not everyone is going to respond to the written word. Many people are visual, so tap into those senses to bring them to your page.
  3. Edit your ads for the mobile and tablet user. Millions of Facebook users now visit the site on a mobile device or tablet. Facebook’s mobile ads actually now earn more than desktop ads, and mobile marketing is now more in-demand than ever. As many mobile-users know, the right-hand column of the Facebook desktop site, which is where ads are located,  does not appear on the mobile site. You don’t need to miss out on reaching the mobile audience! Facebook’s Power Editor tool will allow you to edit ads that will translate effectively to mobile.

Medical Social Media Management

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