4 Ways Your Blog Can Establish Patient Trust on the Web

Today, establishing trust on the web is crucially important, as patients almost always check online for information about you, your practice and your services before scheduling an appointment. And, launching a blog can do wonders for your online credibility. By sharing fresh, up-to-date information, you’re likely to gain an upper hand and establish trust on the web, not only by potential patients, but also by search engines!

Launching and maintaining your medical blog will help achieve patient trust by:

Making You an Authority

One of the biggest benefits of having a blog is being able to share your expertise. You have many of the answers to pressing questions your patients are frequently searching for. Sharing this useful information will help you establish authority as a medical provider. And, potential patients that come across your blog might reach out for more answers!

Growing your Site Content

A blog helps grow the content on your website. Each post on a blog acts as another page of content added to your website. And, the larger your site is, the more authority it has with search engines, especially Google. The more authority your site has in search engines, the better your chances of being found in related searches.

Establishing Patient Relationships

A blog allows a doctor to connect with his or her patients on a more personal and interactive level. A patient can read and comment on a post their doctor put out, and the two might have a short conversation. This doctor-patient communication shows blog readers that you’re helpful and attentive to your patients needs. It establishes a sense of trust and credibility for readers, who may just decide become patients!

Expanding your Social Network

Finally, a blog offers an opportunity to share original content with social networks. Content shared and re-shared with social networks will help increase your fan and follow counts. The more fans and followers you have, the more people will be exposed to your content.

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