Blog Plugin Technology

Plug ins and widgets are programming scripts that add functionality to a blog. By default, blog installations come with a set of standard widgets and plug ins. The standard settings are normally sufficient for a practice in order to create an effective blog. A few practices, however, expand the functionality of their blog by installing additional widgets and plug ins.

Most widget and plug in installations are easy to install yet other additions may require specifications and permission levels in order to perform or manage the installation. Other plug in technology requires a permission change from the usual setup.

MyAdvice may need to change the permission settings, in order to allow installation, to those practices that want to expand their widget and plug in technology. Blogs support five different permission settings, which in turn grant different capabilities.

These permission settings are as follows:

  • Administrator –allows access to all the administration features
  • Editor – able to publish posts, manage posts as well as manage other posts
  • Author – publish and manage their own posts
  • Contributor – writes and manages their own posts but not able to publish posts
  • Subscriber – reads, comments and receives news letters

For standard bloggers the editor is the role that most Doctors need to assume so they may manage their blog. This position allows Doctors to manage their blog without compromising the installation of their blog.

The editor role will need to be changed to that of an administrator for those practices, with professional bloggers, who want to alter the default widget and plugin technology that exists on their blog.

Professional bloggers, working as an administrator, can potentially introduce risks that most practices would want to avoid. These risks may include accidental file deletion, possible corruption during a plug in installation, and destruction of the blog template. Please note that some widget and plug in technology requires familiarity with PHP, HTML, and CSS coding.

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