How to Generate Blog Topics for Your Medical Practice

When it comes to blogging for your medical practice, generating relevant blog topics may prove difficult from time to time. It’s always important to write for your audience. Here are a few tips for generating blog topics.


  • Use Google Adwords, or keyword generating websites to see what people are searching for online.
  • Websites like Ubersuggest can show what people are searching for. Enter a term you’d like to show up on a search engine result page for, such as “breast augmentation,” and Ubersuggest will generate search terms including your keyword.
  • Use search terms for blog titles to help boost your SEO.


  • Consult professional societies concerning your medical practice to see if there is any current news. Has a new study been released? Do you agree or disagree with the study? What should your followers know about this current event?
  • Do a Google News search to see what’s happening in medicine in your area, or nationally.
  • Blog about events your practice is participating in. Are you a plastic surgeon’s office participating in a 5k walk for Breast Cancer Awareness? Blog about it. Participating in community events boosts your reputation and solidifies your medical practice as a valuable member of the community.
  • Tips for before and after surgery.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning your practice.

Awards and Recognition

  • Any time your medical practice is recognized in a positive way, blog about it.
  • Are you a key-note speaker for an upcoming industry conference?
  • Have you recently attended a class to further your education?
  • Have you gone practiced medicine abroad? Share your experience.

Practice News

  • Has your medical practice relocated, expanded or added new equipment?
  • Has a new physician joined your practice?
  • Are you training a new fellow physician in your practice?
  • Patients enjoy hearing about their doctors and doctor’s staff members.

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