SEO: Your Friend or Your Foe?

Part of the reason many people now view SEO as a foe, not a friend, are black hat search engine tactics. “Black Hat” SEO refers to websites that obtain higher visibility in search engine rankings practice through means which violate that search engine’s terms of use. Search engine giant Google has policies against directing users to sites which do not contain unique, relevant, or helpful content, since such sites create a poor user experience. Obviously, if your website contains informative content, and your competitor is using unethical tactics to rank higher on Google, you won’t see SEO in a positive light. Still, SEO delivers many benefits to your practice.

Why SEO Is Your Friend, Not Your Foe:

  • Social media sharing. Social media marketing is closely connected to search engine marketing. Websites with an active Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account not only have greater visibility on search engines, but content can be shared and seen by many other users on social media.
  • Backlinks. Backlinks are important to SEO, since they are hyperlinks that point to a particular site. The quality of these links will determine your practice’s ranks on a search engine. Create great content for your site, and people will want to to link to your site.
  • Quality content. We’ve all heard the phrase “content is king,” when it comes to a successful medical website. And in terms of SEO, this phrase rings especially true, since whenever you create unique, quality content for your website, search engines will pick up on it- which means patients will be responsive as well. However, remember not to recycle the same content on multiple pages, since that can create “duplicate content”- which can decrease both your search engine rankings and traffic to your site.

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